Hydrangea macrophylla 'Pink Ball' (Multiple Sizes Available)

A mass of large 'mop head' blooms which appear in abundance year after year. Hydrangeas have a long flowering period and are an asset for Summer garden displays. They can be planted directly in the garden or in containers. Hydrangeas will also tolerate a shady spot

✓ Elegant, large vibrant pink mop head blooms

✓ Reliable bloomer - Blooms year after year

✓ Hydrangeas are a moisture loving plant, ensure you water regularly

✓ Long flowering period - often flowers until first frost

✓ Plant in well drained soil

✓ Best planted in partial shade

✓ Glossy, large leaves 

Available in a 1.5, 2, 3 & 5L Growers Pot      

More information: 

This shrub is deciduous, it ill lose all of its leaves in autumn, fresh new growth will appear in the spring.

Do not cut the faded flower heads back until spring. In spring, you should cut back the faded flower heads to a healthy pair of buds. Remove any misplaced or diseased stems.