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A shrub is a woody-perennial plant that can have leaves all year round, this would be what we call an evergreen shrub, or they can lose their leaves in the Winter and these would be what we call a deciduous shrub. They have a huge structural importance to the garden, evergreen shrubs like Azalea, Rhododendron and Camellia in particular provide a filling structure all year round, as well as, creating a beautiful display of color in the Spring/Summer. Deciduous shrubs like Hydrangea and Magnolia, to name a couple, provide beautiful blooms in the Spring/Summer but lose their leaves in the Winter. Shrubs are low-maintenance and easy for even beginner gardener, some shrubs will require more light than others and have different characteristics so to help you to choose the plants for your garden we have a filter below so guide you. If you have any questions then please use our blue chat button or if you'd prefer to email us, then do so at 😀