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Evergreen plants make for an aesthetically pleasing addition to any garden. With their vibrancy and fullness lasting all year, evergreen plants are a staple for gardeners looking to brighten their gardens, even during the cold winter months. Helping to add texture, shape and colour to the landscape, evergreens can be planted amongst some of your favourite winter flowering perennials to ensure that your garden continues to look its best and welcome wildlife in the coldest and most grey days of the year. 

What’s more, evergreen plants are exceptionally versatile and available in a wide range of varieties to suit all types of requirements and levels of gardening expertise. In this blog we will touch on why evergreen plants are the ideal solution for winter gardening and the many benefits they can offer your garden. In addition to some of our team’s top picks for the very best evergreens for your garden this winter.


The benefits of evergreen plants 

Evergreen plants are especially hardy and versatile plants making them a perfect addition to any outdoor space. They can be planted in just about any position in your garden, as long as you pay attention to their specific requirements. 

The varieties of evergreen plants are endless including busy, dense, and rounded types that can easily be used to form the backdrop to your garden foliage, while taller, slender types of evergreens can be placed in areas where height and dimension may be required in your garden. There’s so much that evergreen plants can add to your garden, particularly in areas where you may be struggling to find the right kind of plants or are lacking gardening creativity. You can even opt to combine the many varieties of evergreen plants into one space, creating a stunning array of dense, healthy greenery that will flower at various times of the year. 

Other benefits include:

  • Lush green foliage all year round
  • Bursts of colour from flowers that appear at various stages of the year
  • Suitable for all levels of gardening experience
  • Available in various pot sizes and growth stages 
  • Low maintenance 
  • Hardy and capable of surviving winter 

Top 5 evergreen plants to add to your garden 

If you want to guarantee colour and dimension in your garden throughout the cold and wet months of December, January, and February, our top 5 handpicked evergreen plants are you best bet: 

  • Camellia  - With beautiful waxy evergreen leaves, the Camellia, particularly the  Camellia x Wiliamsi, is one of the most popular evergreen plants. Growing up to 180cm, the Camellia x Wiliamsi offers a stunning flowering period between January and February, helping to cure those January blues. 

  • Rhododendron - The popular plants are incredibly hardy, able to withstand frosts. The perfect choice for surviving the British wintertime. Their species are also naturally suited to heavy rainfall and moist conditions, so are happy in the wet weather. 

  • Holly - Holly trees and bushes are synonymous with winter and the festive season. Providing a stunning visual display of dark green leaves accompanied by shiny red berries, a  holly bush is the ideal evergreen for brightening a winter garden and also decorating for Christmas! 

  • Azaleas - Another plant with evergreen foliage, many  azaleas retain their leaves year-round, providing winter interest in the garden. Evergreen azaleas also help to block winter winds and protect the roots from frost. Ideal to keep your garden visually appealing and full of life even in winter. 

  • Fatsia - Capable of withstanding temperatures as low as -10,  Fatsia plants are evergreens that are perfectly suitable for growing in winter. Whilst being exceptionally hardy evergreen plants, they are also low-maintenance, meaning you won’t have to spend too much time worrying about them or nurturing their growth. 

  • All of these plants are available to purchase within a bundle as part of our  Evergreen Shrub Ready-made Border selection. Of which you can select dimensions closest to your border area, your choice regarding sunlight preferences, shrub size, and quantity.


    Shop evergreen plants at One Click Plants 

    At One Click Plants, we stock a  wide range of hardy evergreen shrubs and plants that are incredibly popular with our customers around the country. Available to buy online for delivery direct to your garden, our evergreen plants won’t break the bank but will certainly brighten your garden this winter.

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