Evergreen Shrubs

Our evergreen shrub collection offers a wide variety of plants that are perfect for any garden. Evergreen shrubs are a great choice for gardeners who value year-round interest in their landscape, as these plants stay vibrant and full all throughout the seasons. Their tough nature also makes them a great option for those looking for low-maintenance foliage; evergreen shrubs don't need to be pruned or cared for as much as other types of plants. Not only do they add texture and shape to the landscape, but they can also provide colorful blooms throughout the year. 

Evergreen shrubs come in many shapes and sizes, making them a versatile addition to any outdoor space. Depending on the type of plant you choose, you can get dense and rounded forms that offer a beautiful backdrop to your other foliage or slender upright forms which add height and contrast to the garden. Generally, these hardy plants prefer full sun or partial shade and thrive in soil with good drainage; however, some varieties may require more specific care instructions depending on their climate zone.

For gardeners who enjoy creating unique combinations with their plants, evergreen shrubs can be mixed together for stunning effects. Whether you’re looking for lush clusters of green foliage or bursts of color during certain times of year, our selection has something special to offer every kind of gardener!