Plum Trees

Grow your very own plum tree with a low-maintenance fruit tree and enjoy sweet plums and beautiful blossoms throughout the year. At One Click Plants we stock Dwarf Patio Plum Trees that will grow to an ideal size for small gardens, patios, and balconies, while continuing to provide you and your family with fresh, homegrown plums. Choose from a selection of plum trees producing plum varieties such as Mirabelle de Nancy, Prunus Domestica Or ‘Opal’, Victoria, and Jubileum plums. A great selection of plums that can be enjoyed ready to eat or used in a variety of sweet recipes. 

All our Dwarf Patio Fruit Trees are a popular option with British gardeners and will grow to their full height between 10-15 years. Producing fresh fruits throughout their growth stages. Once planted you will enjoy these plum trees for decades to come. Choose from our selection below to buy plum trees online with secure and tracked delivery options available, direct to your home.