Flowering In: December

December generally marks a quieter period in the garden, but there are still some essential tasks to attend to as the year comes to a close. Gardeners in colder climates focus on winterizing their outdoor spaces, protecting vulnerable plants from harsh weather conditions with insulating materials like burlap. It's a good time to check and replenish mulch around the base of plants to provide additional insulation. December is also suitable for planning and organizing, reviewing the garden's performance over the past year and considering any changes or additions for the upcoming growing season. While outdoor blooms are scarce in many regions during December, certain winter-flowering plants such as winter jasmine, hellebores, and camellias may offer subtle yet delightful blossoms, bringing a touch of color to the winter landscape. Engaging in these activities during December allows gardeners to care for their outdoor spaces even in the dormant season, setting the stage for a successful and rejuvenated garden in the coming year.