Photinias are a combination of shrubs or small trees featuring colourful leaves throughout the seasons, with small white flowers and red berries. Photinia is often referred to as Christmas berry or red robin, with one of the most common types being Photinia x fraseri 'Red Robin’, of which is available to buy online from our site. Providing photinias a warm and sunny spot, preferably with some partial shade, creates the ideal environment for them to grow and flourish. They are best kept out of windy, cold, and damp conditions and would much prefer soil that is not too dry but also doesn’t become waterlogged. 

The beautiful display of red foliage with the addition of small white flowers and berries, makes photinias incredibly popular shrubs. At One Click Plants we stock a wide variety of photinia varieties at a selection of growth stages. The perfect vibrant addition to your garden, order from our range below for fast and secure delivery from our Lancashire nursery.