Flowering In: July

July ushers in the peak of summer, presenting gardeners with a set of essential tasks to ensure the continued health and vitality of the garden. Regular watering becomes paramount during this warmer month, especially for heat-sensitive plants, and a layer of mulch can aid in moisture retention and weed control. Pruning activities may be necessary to shape and control the growth of shrubs and trees, promoting better air circulation. Additionally, July is an opportune time for deadheading spent flowers to encourage ongoing blooms.  July's floral display is a vibrant spectacle, featuring the dazzling hues of summer-blooming perennials like coneflowers, phlox, and daylilies. Annuals such as marigolds add bursts of color to the landscape, while hydrangeas and butterfly bushes contribute to the overall visual allure. Engaging in these activities ensures a thriving and visually captivating garden throughout the height of the summer season.