Portuguese Laurel (Prunus Lusitanica)

Another great choice of hedging, the Portuguese Laurel is an evergreen that is one of the most popular options for garden hedging available to British gardeners. Thanks to its easily maintained growth rate and average height, this is a great option for the low-maintenance gardener who is not keen on maintaining an overly tall or unruly hedge. The beautiful dark green, narrow leaves of the Portuguese Laurel plant are striking and provide colour in your garden throughout the year. Plus, the blossoming of small white flowers in the summertime offer an attractive plant to wildlife, including bees and butterflies. While small red fruits will grow too which are favourable among the bird population in your garden. 

Like our othertypes of hedging, we offer a selection of Portuguese Laurel at various growth stages, depending on your requirements. Ready to order online today, with fast and tracked delivery options available.