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Perennials are plants that die back seasonally but come back each Spring, unlike an annual that will only last for one year. Perennials are a good investment in the garden, typically because you're getting more for your money with them returning each year. Perennials have many different characteristics and this will determine which plant you go for. For example, if you want a perennial for fragrance you might go for a Lavender, or if you want a ground covering perennial - you may decide an Arenaria is the most suitable plant. We have a filter that will guide you to the suitable plants of your choice, we also have in depth descriptions that will help you but if you want to save yourself money and time then see our Hand Picked Selection Bundles where a member of our team will pick a mix of high quality plants in the bundle you choose. If you have any questions then please ask us via our live chat or email us at