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We believe gardening should be a fun, enjoyable & relaxing i.e. thoroughly rewarding even if you aren't the most green fingered. Our low maintenance plants grow with very little time, care and experience. In addition to that they provide an easy care all year round structure within your garden displays.

Low Maintenance Plants

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Our fragrant collection is a must-have for any avid gardener. Featuring some of the most sought-after scented plants around, this selection will fill your outdoor space with an array of delightful aromas. Whether you’re looking to revitalize a tired garden or introduce new and captivating scents to your landscape, our fragrant collection has something for everyone. For gardeners that prefer a floral fragrance, consider jasmine – its heady scent will fill your garden with a sweet and romantic aroma that can be enjoyed in the evening or daytime sun. If you’re seeking something more subtle, lily of the valley is sure to please – its low-key aroma is reminiscent of spring, making it perfect for brightening up darker areas in your garden. Alternatively, try hyacinths whose distinctively strong scent evokes images of the Mediterranean. There are plenty of shades and varieties available in this collection that will last long after their blossoms have faded. With so much to choose from and such an abundance of exquisite scents, our fragrant collection has something to suit even the pickiest gardener!

Fragrant Plants