Palms & Tropical

Palms are one of the most popular types of tropical plants, with their iconic tall stature and feather-like fronds. Palms can be found in many different forms, from classic fan palms to spiky pinnate palms. Some even feature striking gold or silver variegations on their foliage — all of which will add visual interest to your landscape! Other popular types of tropical plants include banana trees, cordylines, and more... All of these varieties bring bold texture and brilliant colors that will definitely draw attention from neighbors and passersby alike.

Tropical plants thrive in warmer climates where there’s plenty of sunlight but can also be grown in temperate zones if properly taken care of. To keep your tropical plants healthy, make sure you keep them well hydrated by giving them a deep watering every couple days (depending on the soil type). Also consider applying fertilizer periodically if you want to encourage faster growth. With proper maintenance and care, your tropical garden will remain lush and vibrant throughout the seasons!