Euonymus fortunei 'Harlequin' 9cm / 2L

A brilliant dwarf evergreen shrub which produces ever changing foliage. The new growth emerges white and develops beautiful green speckles as it matures, before developing a warming pink tinge in the winter months!

✓ All year round interest

✓ Low growing evergreen shrub 

✓ Grows to heights of 50cm, spread 70cm

✓ Ideal at the front of a garden border or in containers  

✓ Low maintenance and easy to grow 

✓ Plant in any well drained soil  

✓ Plant in Full Sun/Partial Shade

✓ Supplied in a 9cm growers pot at a height of 30cm

✓ Supplied in a 2L growers pot which has a width of 16cm  

More information: 

Little pruning is required but you can remove any unwanted shoots in late winter/early spring. Plant in Full Sun/Partial Shade.    


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