Variegated Chlorophytum - Spider Plant


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  • Size supplied at: 12cm pot width, 35-40cm height.

  • Description:  A very popular air purifying house plant which is very easy to grow and has lovely fresh and clean foliage.  Ensure you place it in a well lit area, water lightly and the plant will be quite happy.  As this plant matures it will develop stems each of which has a small baby plant at its tip, these shoots appear hanging around the main part of the plant which is why the name Spider Plant is given - If you do not like the appearance of these you can simply cut them off. 

  • Sunlight Position: Partial shade/ indirect light.

  • Feed: General houseplant feed fertilizer monthly.

  • Care:  Water when the top 2 inches of soil feel dry, this plant loves humidity so misting every few days would be ideal. 

    Please note - Decorative pot (if pictured) is not included and images are for decorative purposes only and due to the age and the time of year, plants may not arrive looking like our photo.