Tulip Lily Flowering Mix (8 Bulbs)

When you love all the colours of the Lily Flowering Tulip and it’s too hard to choose, stay calm and pick the mixture where you can enjoy an array of beautiful vibrant coloured blooms.

✓   Colourful blooms 

✓ Striking, elegant Tulips which are ideal in containers or in a garden bed/border

✓  This variety will reach heights of 50-60cm 

You would receive 8 Bulbs, Size 10/11

Top Tips For Planting: 
Plant these Bulbs between Late October - December 
They can be planted in containers or in the garden
Plant in full sun or partial shade
Ensure you plant the bulbs with the pointed side facing upwards
Space the bulbs two times the size of the bulb your planting apart 

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