Acer palmatum 'Cascade Emerald' Standard (100cm)

Acer palmatum 'Cascade' is a new variety of Acer which is grown for its elegant arching branches. This weeping Acer can be grown in containers or directly in the garden. The young foliage emerges coppery red in the spring before leaves mature to to green - the leaves then provide one more fantastic display - they turn vibrant shades of red and orange before they fall. 

✓  A beautiful weeping variety  
✓ Provides beautiful Autumn colour 
✓ Supplied in a 3L growers pot (19cm pot width), height including pot 100cm approx
✓ Best positioned in a sheltered position in partial shade
✓ Can be planted in containers or directly in the garden 
✓ Protect from direct sunlight and harsh winds which can burn the leaves
✓ Grow to a height of 125cm

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