Low Maintenance Perennials Ready-made Border

If you're someone who has limited time to look after your border then we'd recommend opting for this low maintenance and easy to care for ready-made border. By including perennials within your border is ideal because the flowers come back each year, saving you time and money replanting your border every year. Enjoy watching your border establish over the months and years, you can choose the size of your border and any characteristics you'd like to include within your border below.

Within this ready-made border you'll receive low maintenance perennials such as Astilbe, Coreopsis, Helenium, Hardy Geranium to name a few...

Planting Instructions

We recommend planting the higher growing perennials at the back, then the medium sized perennials in the middle and the low growing / ground cover perennials at the front. Please note this is only a guide and you can plant these however you'd like, Cottage Garden especially is a theme where you can explore different planting positions. We recommend opting for the size above your dimensions to make sure you've got enough plants to fill your border while securing these plants at their lowest cost.

Sunlight Definitions

In midsummer if your garden receives the following hours of direct sunlight then they are classed as:

Full Shade: 0-2.5hrs 

Partial Shade: 3-6hrs 

Full Sun: 6.5hrs+


We also recommend to water your border everyday/every two days within the hot and dry months and then in as it becomes wetter outside you can water once a week.

Partial Shade: Your order will not be dispatched until w/c 19th June. You may receive a notification that your order has been dispatched prior to this, please disregard any notifications. You will receive further update from 19th June once your order has been collected by the courier.