Phlox subulata GoldiPhlox Light Pink 1.5L

A cushion-forming perennial producing masses of  pink fowers throughout the spring/summer. Ideal for containers, beds and borders.

✓ A mass of bright pink flowers create a carpet of pink blooms above semi evergreen green foliage 

✓ Flowers profusely for approx 4 weeks

✓ Ground cover, spreading perennial

✓ White flowers smother the foliage in the spring time

✓ Height and spread: 15cm x 50cm

✓ Plant in fertile, well drained soil

✓ Plant in Full Sun or Partial Shade

1.5L Growers Pot that is 14cm wide approx

Images are for decorative purposes only and due to the time of year and the age/maturity of the plant your plant may not arrive looking like the photo.       

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