Magnolia soulangeana 'Black Tulip' 4L

One of the rarest and darkest Magnolia trees currently available, this Magnolia is truly beautiful. Produces deep purple flowers which strongly resemble tulips. The blooms can grow up to 15cm in diameter!

✓ Often produces a second flush of flowers in the summer!

 Breath taking blooms 

✓ Grow in Full Sun/Partial Shade 

✓ Grows with a compact, upright habit

✓ Protect from cold winds

✓ Plant in well drained slightly acidic soil (Ericaceous compost) 

✓ Can be grown in a container

✓ Slow growing

✓ Height and spread: 6m x 3m  

✓ Supplied in a 4L growers pot, height including pot 70-80cm 

More information:
This shrub is deciduous, it will lose its leaves in autumn, fresh new growth will appear in the spring. Requires minimal pruning. Remove any crossing or diseased branches in  mid summer. 

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