Cordyline Pink Passion

Cordyline Pink Passion is a striking and eye-catching ornamental plant known for its vibrant and distinctive appearance. This tropical beauty boasts long, lance-shaped leaves that are a stunning shade of deep pink or reddish-purple, which gradually fade to green towards the center of the plant. The dramatic foliage creates an instant focal point in gardens, adding a touch of exotic flair to any landscape. 

✓ The unusual pink leaves are sure to create a focal point in your garden displays

✓ Low maintenance 

✓ Best planted in Full Sun/Partial Shade

✓ Can be planted in large containers 

✓ Protect from cold winds and may need protection if the temperature goes below 0. It will slowly begin to form a trunk as the lower leaves fall.

✓ Supplied in a growers pot which has a width of 13cm, height including pot 40-50cm
✓ Plant in well drained soil