Blue Moon Rose | Climbing Rose | 4L Potted Rose

One of the most popular 'Blue' shades of Roses. This fabulous Hybrid Tea Rose produces pastel - mauve blooms with a lovely fragrance. The soft lilac blooms are sure to stand out in your garden displays. This fragrant variety is great for cut flowers due to its sturdy stems.

✓ Lilac blooms with a lovely fragrance

✓ Will flower from Summer all the way through to Autumn

✓ Height and spread: 300cm x 200cm

✓ Can be planted in the garden or in containers. We recommend planting somewhere where its beautiful scent can be thoroughly enjoyed

✓  This brilliant Rose makes an excellent cut flower due to its sturdy, upright stems

✓ Supplied in a 4L growers pot

✓ Plant in Full Sun in well drained, rich soil 

More information:
Our roses are not 
sold as ‘bare root’ (which is when the plants arrive without pots or compost). Our Roses will arrive planted in a 4L growers pot with compost which has enough feed for 4 months. Although our roses are dispatched in a growers pot, the Rose may not have rooted in the growers pot they are sent out in, this is because the roses are dormant from November - March and are not growing at this time of year and therefore will not have produced any new roots in the pot - this means that when you remove  the rose from the pot for planting the compost may fall away from the roots - please do not worry as this is normal and will not harm the plant. Alternatively, if you decide you do not want to plant your roses yet, you can leave them in their pots until March when they will have become rooted. If you do keep them in the growers pots simply ensure you water them more frequently.

Please note:  Our roses are carefully pruned in the colder months to encourage strong, healthy growth in the spring time; therefore, the plant may arrive smaller than expected, however the plant will provide new growth in the spring time and will grow at least 50cm in the first year. 

Images are used for illustrative purposes only.

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