Rising gracefully from rosettes of emerald-green, hairy leaves, Tellima grandiflora unveils tall spikes adorned with bell-shaped flowers in shades of white or greenish-white, casting a delicate allure from May to July. This semi-evergreen perennial offers more than just ornamental charm; its dense foliage serves as excellent ground cover, particularly well-suited for moist, shady environments such as woodland gardens or semi-shaded shrub borders. Valued for its resilience, Fringe Cups thrive even in challenging conditions, finding their niche in areas of dry shade where other plants may struggle. To flourish, they appreciate protection from cold, desiccating winds, ensuring their beauty graces the garden year after year. 

Tellima grandiflora 9cm

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  • Shade-loving beauty: Tellima grandiflora excels in partial to full shade conditions, making it an invaluable addition to woodland gardens, shady borders, and under-canopy plantings. Its ability to thrive in low-light environments makes it a sought-after choice for gardeners seeking to enhance shaded areas with captivating flora.
  • Enchanting blooms: In late spring to early summer, Fringe Cups produce delicate, pendulous flowers in hues ranging from greenish-white to pink. These bell-shaped blooms imbue shaded areas with a soft, ethereal charm, creating a tranquil and inviting atmosphere.
  • Foliage allure: Complementing its graceful flowers, Tellima grandiflora showcases deeply lobed leaves arranged in attractive rosettes. The lush foliage remains verdant throughout the growing season, providing texture and visual interest in shaded garden beds.
  • Wildlife habitat: Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Fringe Cups serve as valuable habitat plants, attracting pollinators such as bees and butterflies with their nectar-rich flowers. The dense foliage also offers shelter for small wildlife, contributing to the ecological balance of the garden.
  • Low-maintenance elegance: Once established, Tellima grandiflora requires minimal maintenance, thriving in moist, well-drained soil with little intervention. Its resilience and adaptability make it an ideal choice for gardeners seeking effortless beauty in shaded landscapes.
  • Woodland charm: With its shade tolerance, delicate blooms, and lush foliage, Fringe Cups embody the serene allure of woodland flora, transforming shaded garden areas into enchanting retreats for both humans and wildlife alike.

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This plant is a herbaceous perennial. Herbaceous perennials die back below ground level each autumn, then fresh new growth will appear in the spring. 

Images are used for illustrative purposes only. Due to the maturity of the plant and the time of the year, plants may not arrive looking like our images.   


100cm x 40cm
Full sun/Shade
Moist, Well drained, fertile soil
Fully hardy

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