Olive Tree 45L 1.5-1.8m + Teracotta Pot + Soil + Gravel

You will receive:

A mature olive tree, currently at a height of 150-180cm in 45L growers pot.

2 bags of Potting Compost 

1 bag of cream Gravel

You are required to plant the olive tree in the Teracotta Pot and place the gravel on top of the soil to finish.

✓ Professionally grown into a 'Lollipop' shape 

✓ This/these Olives look brilliant positioned either side of a doorway, on a patio or planted directly in the garden 

✓ Exotic, Mediterranean specimen 

✓ Hardy

✓ Low maintenance 

✓ Position in Full Sun/ Partial Sun  

✓ Bear olives between July and August.