Italian Flat-Leaved Parsley (Herb) 9cm

The Italian Flat-Leaved Parsley Herb Plant is a versatile and aromatic addition to your garden or kitchen. With its flat, deeply serrated leaves and rich green color, this parsley variety not only adds a burst of fresh flavor to your culinary creations but also makes an attractive and practical herb for your garden. Its fresh, clean taste is a staple in Mediterranean cuisine, and its vigorous growth ensures a bountiful harvest for all your culinary needs. 

Easy to grow in the garden, in patio containers and on the kitchen windowsill. A versatile and tasty herb which a clean, peppery flavour adds much to sauces, soups and salads. It is also a great garnish. 

Where to grow: Best grown in a rich, moist, fertile soil, in full sun or partial shade.


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