Hibiscus 'Sugar Tip' 3L

This deciduous shrub produces an abundance of soft, double fluffy pink blooms year after year

✓ Long flowering period 

✓ Double blooms

✓ The blooms can have more than 40 petals!

✓ Eye catching variegated foliage 

✓ Plant in Full Sun

✓ Can be planted in containers

✓ Height and spread: 120cm x 80cm 

✓ Flowers from August into the Autumn

✓ Supplied in a 3L growers pot, height including pot 65cm  

 More information: 

This shrub is deciduous, it will lose all of its leaves in autumn, fresh new growth will appear in the spring. Prune young plants mid - end of June, once established this shrub requires minimal pruning.