Wisteria floribunda 'Grande Devia Cecilia'

Wisteria floribunda 'Grande Devia Cecilia' is a striking flowering climber known for its abundant clusters of fragrant, lavender-blue flowers that gracefully hang from its woody stems in late spring to early summer. This popular wisteria brings a touch of elegance to any garden with its vigorous growth habit, making it perfect for training along pergolas, arbors, or trellises. 'Grande Devia Cecilia' is admired for its resilience and ability to thrive in various conditions, making it a popular choice for gardeners looking to add a splash of colour and charm to their outdoor spaces.

✓ Produces pea like double flowers 

✓ Plant in Full Sun/Part Shade

✓ Can grow to heights of 500cm

✓ Supplied in a 11cm growers pot, height approx 60cm 

✓ Hardy 

 More information:

This climber is deciduous, it will lose its leaves in autumn and fresh new growth will appear in the spring. Feed and water regularly until fully established. Prune twice a year. 

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