Corkscrew Stem Olive Tree | Hardy Evergreen Potted Tree | 80-90cm

A beautiful, hardy, evergreen twisted stem olive tree which is ideal for adding a touch of mediterranean to your garden displays!

✓ Twisted/Spiral Stem

✓ Professionally grown into a 'Lollipop' shape 

✓ These Olives look brilliant positioned either side of a doorway, on a patio or planted directly in the garden 

✓ Exotic, Mediterranean specimen 

✓ Hardy

✓ Low maintenance 

✓ Supplied at a height of 80-90cm (Including a 3L Growers Pot). If you order more than one tree we cannot guarantee that you would receive a pair.

✓ Position in Full Sun/ Partial Sun    


2+ Plants = 5% OFF
5+ Plants = 10% OFF
10+ Plants = 15% OFF