Standard Plaited Holly Tree | Ilex 'Nellie Stevens'| 100cm

A very popular variety with a wonderful braided stem! This tree will provide all year round interest with its glossy, evergreen leaves. In the winter it produces bright red berries and often produces small white flowers in the spring.   

✓ Self-fertile, produces female flowers.

✓ Low maintenance

✓ Easy to grow

✓ Becomes smothered in red berries in the Autumn/Winter

✓ Glossy evergreen foliage

✓ Supplied in a 7.5L Growers Pot. Height including pot 100cm approx

✓ Plant in Full Sun/Partial Shade

✓ Popular Variety   

More information:

A very low maintenance tree once established. Ensure that you water regularly for the first two years whilst they establish. Birds will be very fond of the berries and the berries can often be a vital food source, if you want to keep the berries on your plant, you may need to net the bushes. 

Toxic to humans and pets if eaten.

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