Standard Callistemon - Bottle Brush (70-80cm)

This fabulous plant gets its name from the bright red spikes of flowers which bloom at the end of their stems which bare a great resemblance to a bottle brush.

✓ Professionally grown into a Lollipop shape
✓ Long flowering period
✓ Drought tolerant plants when established
✓ Evergreen
✓ Attractive to Butterflies and Bees
✓ Flowers all Summer into Autumn
✓  Low maintenance once established
✓ Can grow to 3-4m
✓ Plant in Full Sun
✓ Plant in 
moist but well drained soil. Shelter from cold winds 
✓ Supplied in a 3L Growers pot, Height including pot 70-80cm 

More information
Position in full sun, in a sheltered position away from cold winds. Lightly prune after flowering, cut slightly behind the spent bloom. Protect from low temperatures. Ensure soil is well drained. Will need winter protection.

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