SPECIAL OFFER: Lupin - Gallery Mix of 5

You will receive a mix of 5 different colored Lupin in 2L grower pots, you may receive duplicate colors depending on stock levels.

Lupins are one of our favourite plants, they are show stopping perennials and look fabulous in a mixed border They add height and produce beautiful tall flower spikes which are loved by butterflies and bees. 

✓ Lupins are best planted in full sun/light shade

✓Plant in moist but well drained soil

✓This variety is best planted towards the front of the border as they grow to just 50cm.  They can even be grown in container too if you wish however they do grow better when planted in the ground. 

✓Deadhead the faded flowers when necessary to encourage another flush of flowers. 

✓ Height and spread: 50cm x 25cm 

✓ Plant in Full Sun/Partial Shade 

More information:
This plant is a herbaceous perennial. Herbaceous perennials die back below ground level each autumn, then fresh new growth will appear in the spring.

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