Sedum seduction Hot Rose Dark Stems 2L

Sedum 'Seduction Hot Rose Dark Stems' is a striking perennial succulent that captivates with its vivid rose-coloured blooms and contrasting dark stems. This hardy sedum variety features dense clusters of star-shaped, hot rose flowers that appear in late summer to early fall, creating a vibrant display that stands out in garden beds, borders, and rock gardens. The dark stems and succulent green foliage provide a beautiful backdrop to the bright blooms, enhancing the plant's overall visual appeal. 'Seduction Hot Rose Dark Stems' is a low-maintenance, drought-tolerant plant that adds a splash of colour and texture to any landscape.

Additional Information:

  • Vibrant rose-coloured blooms: The hot rose flowers of Sedum 'Seduction Hot Rose Dark Stems' are a standout feature, adding a bold splash of colour to the garden. The dense clusters of star-shaped blooms attract pollinators and create a stunning visual impact.
  • Dark stems: The dark, almost black stems provide a striking contrast to the bright rose flowers and green foliage, adding depth and interest to the plant's overall appearance.
  • Succulent foliage: The plant's succulent green leaves are not only attractive but also drought-tolerant
  • Long blooming period: 'Seduction Hot Rose Dark Stems' blooms from late summer to early fall, providing an extended period of colour and interest in the garden when many other plants are winding down.
  • Low maintenance: This sedum variety is easy to grow and care for, requiring minimal maintenance once established. It thrives in well-drained soil and full sun, tolerating poor soil conditions and drought.


More information:
This plant is a herbaceous perennial. Herbaceous perennials die back below ground level each autumn, then fresh new growth will appear in the spring.