Salvia 'Apex White' 2L

Masses of spikes carry an abundance of pure white flowers in early summer. These beautiful blooms are attractive to Butterflies and Bees. 

✓ Brilliant in the summer border 

✓ Ideal in beds, borders and containers 

✓ Grow to heights of 50cm 

✓ Remove faded flower spikes when they begin to fade to encourage new growth

✓ Drought tolerant once established

✓ Plant in Full Sun

✓ Plant in well drained soil 

✓ Low maintenance 

✓ Supplied in a 2L Growers Pot     

More information:
This plant is a herbaceous perennial. Herbaceous perennials die back below ground level each autumn, then fresh new growth will appear in the spring. Remove faded flower heads as soon as they begin to fade to prolong flowering.

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