Rhododendron 'Princess Ann' | Dwarf Rhododendron 2L

A dwarf Rhododendron which produces a mass of light yellow blooms in April - May. Ideal planted in a container or at the front of a garden bed.

✓ Dwarf shrub which is ideal at the front of a border. Grows to heights of 40cm 

✓ Hardy evergreen 

✓ Low maintenance 

✓ Grows to heights of 40cm

✓ Butter yellow blooms year after year. Attractive to pollinators

✓ Plant in partial shade

✓ Supplied in a 2L growers pot, height including pot 30-35cm

✓ Plant in Well drained acidic soil (Ericaceous)     

✓ Can be grown in a container 

More information: 
Plant in well drained, acidic soil in a partially shaded spot. If required, lightly prune in June to remove any damaged/dead stems and reduce size.  

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