Pyracantha coccinea Red Star 2L

An evergreen climbing shrub with shiny dark evergreen leaves which produces spring flowers and autumn berries, bringing all year round interest! 

✓ Evergreen 

✓ Hardy 

✓ Clusters of fragrant white flowers 

✓ The red berries are very attractive to wildlife

✓ Far fewer thorns than other Pyrcanthas !

✓ Can be trained up against a wall or trellis, can be planted as a hedge or a shrub at the back of the border

✓ Plant in Full Sun

✓ Height and spread: 300cm x 300cm

✓ Supplied in a 2L growers pot, height 70cm

More information: 

Feed and water regularly until established. Prune in early spring, removing any damaged or dead stems.  

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