Primula Denticulata Lilac 9cm/1.5L

Primula denticulata 'Lilac' is a delightful cultivar of the Drumstick Primrose, prized for its charming lilac-coloured blooms. This perennial beauty showcases spherical flower heads composed of numerous small, star-shaped flowers densely packed on tall stems, creating a lovely and enchanting display in the garden.Blooms in late spring to early summer, adding a touch of whimsy and elegance to shaded borders, woodland gardens, and rockeries. With its attractive rosettes of textured foliage and upright flower spikes, this variety creates a delightful and picturesque scene. Easy to grow and low-maintenance, Primula denticulata 'Lilac' is sure to enchant gardeners with its delicate hues and graceful presence in the garden.

✓ Attractive to Bees

✓ Ideal in beds, borders and containers

✓ Semi evergreen perennial 

✓ Flower March - June

✓ Plant in a sunny location 

✓ Height and spread: 30cm x 20cm 

✓ Supplied in a 1.5L growers pot  


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