Potted Real Christmas Tree | Picea pungens 'glauca' | 80-100cm

 ✓ A wonderful potted Spruce Tree. Supplied at a height of 80-100cm including the growers pot.

✓ An award winning, easy to grow tree. This tree can reach eventual heights of 12m!

✓ Slow growing

✓ Fully hardy 

✓ Can be planted in a large container or planted in the garden. Best planted in well drained, fertile soil in Full Sun/Partial Shade

✓ This plant can be brought inside for the festivities. We recommend bringing the tree in no more than 10 days before Christmas and keep it away from heat sources and ensure it is well watered. If you want to bring the tree in earlier than this, we would recommend giving the tree time to breath by placing it outside for a couple of hours every few days

✓ Supplied in a growers pot which has a width of 19cm approx. Height including growers pot 80-100cm. Growers pots may be slightly damaged on this tree. Potted Christmas Trees can be 'slanted' in their growers pots, we recommend planting into a larger pot or into the ground to rectify this.

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