Pieris japonica Little Heath (2 sizes available)

Also known as Lily of the Valley Shrub

A very popular evergreen shrub which is attractively variegated and very low maintenance. The foliage is edged with creamy/white and the new growth often emerges with a pinkish flush. 

✓ Can tolerate partial shade

✓ Green leaves with a creamy outline

✓ Evergreen

✓ Low maintenance 

✓ Ideal for growing in containers

✓ Height and spread: 60cm x 80cm 

✓ Well drained soil, slightly acidic 

✓ Supplied in a 1L or 2L growers pot 

 Full Sun/Partial Shade 

More information: 

A low maintenance shrub once established. Remove any frost damaged foliage in late spring. 

Harmful to humans and pets if eaten. 

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