Photinia Red Robin 1L (Multibuy Offers Available)

A brilliant evergreen shrub which is a favourite amongst many gardeners! This shrub can also be grown as a hedge or a stand along shrub, it boasts glossy red leaves in the spring & summer, which then matures into a lush dark green evergreen foliage. 

✓ Evergreen

✓ Full Sun/Part Shade

✓ 30cm per year growth rate

✓ New growth emerges red

✓ Fast Growing

✓ Supplied in a 1L, height including pot 40cm

More information:

Photinias are relatively low maintenance plants once established. Water thoroughly throughout the growing season until established. If you are growing your Photinia as a hedge, you can trim the plant 2-3 times a year from late June through to Mid August. Feed annually with some well rotted compost/manure.


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