Photinia 'Carre Rouge' 50cm (2L)

A new selection of the ever popular Photinia Red Robin. An easy to grow, low maintenance compact garden shrub with the new growth emerging vibrant red. 

  Hardy evergreen shrub

  Colourful evergreen shrub 

 Slow growing

  Compact growth

 The red foliage turns green as it matures 

 Plant in a sunny spot

  Plant in well drained soil

  Height and spread: 2m x 2m

  Supplied in a 2L growers pot, height including pot 50cm    

More information:

Photinias are relatively low maintenance plants once established. Water thoroughly throughout the growing season until established. If you are growing your Photinia as a hedge, you can trim the plant 2-3 times a year from late June through to Mid August. Feed annually with some well rotted compost/manure.


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