Philadelphus 'Lemoinei' Mock Orange

Philadelphus 'Lemoinei' is a Mock Orange with light green leaves and produces an abundance of small white blooms which are delightfully fragrant.  

✓ Fragrant

✓ Hardy Shrub

✓ Ideal for containers or large borders

✓ Height and spread: 1.5m x 1.5m 

✓ White blooms are filled with yellow stamens which provides a striking contrast

✓ Flowers May - July 

✓ Plant in Sun or Semi Shade

✓ Deciduous shrub 

✓ Supplied at a height of 70cm approx, in a 2L growers pot 

More information:

This shrub is deciduous, it will lose its leaves in autumn and fresh new growth will appear in the spring. Prune after flowering in late summer. Remove one in five stems to ground level. Mulch around roots in spring.