Patio Hydrangea paniculata 'Candlelight’ Tree 5L 120-130cm

The Hydrangea paniculata, a deciduous plant, sheds its leaves in early autumn and begins anew with fresh growth in April during the dormant season. Hydrangea paniculata Candlelight is a robust deciduous shrub with an upright form, boasting striking creamy white flower panicles that are cone-shaped and borne on sturdy dark red stems from July to October. It thrives in various conditions, whether in full sun or partial shade. Hardy and resilient, it adds a dazzling display to any garden landscape.

✓ Large flowerheads which are held upright on sturdy stems

✓ Long flowering period  

✓ Make excellent cut flowers (if you can bare to cut them)!

✓ The huge flower heads range from 15-30cm long!

✓ These Hydrangeas look beautiful in a border or planted alone in a container! 

✓ RHS Award of Garden Merit

✓ Plant in a sunny spot 

✓ Dwarf/Patio Variety

Max growing height 200cm

To enhance flowering prune hard in the early spring. 

Supplied in a 22cm growers pot, height including pot 120-130cm. The image shows a larger plant supplied at 170cm.