Passionflower Climber | Constance Elliot | 60cm

A beautiful, popular, exotic looking climber that can be planted in the garden or in a container. Climbers create an aesthetically pleasing display on the eye, especially when climbing up trellis to brighten up a bland wall or even climbing up a pergola.

✓ Exotic blooms of this Passionflower are followed by edible egg shaped passion fruits

✓ Height and spread: 100cm x 200cm 

✓ Plant in Full Sun/Part Shade

✓ A mass of white blooms against lush green foliage.

✓ An abundance of blooms through summer into autumn. The large flower blooms are compromised of white petals with purple filaments 

✓ Suppled in a 2L growers pot. Height can vary significantly depending on time of year supplied. 

More information: 

Will need frost protection. This climber is semi-evergreen, it will lose some/all of its leaves in autumn and fresh new growth will appear in the spring. Once established, cut back the flowered shoots immediately after flowering to within three buds of permeant frame work.