Miscanthus sinensis Gracillimus 2L/10L Growers Pot

Miscanthus gracillimus, commonly known as Maiden Grass, is an elegant ornamental grass prized for its graceful, arching form and fine-textured foliage. Native to East Asia, this perennial grass species thrives in a variety of climates and soil types, making it a versatile choice for gardens and landscapes. Its slender, silver-green leaves form dense clumps that sway gently in the breeze, adding movement and visual interest to any setting. In late summer to early autumn, feathery plumes emerge, turning a soft, silvery-pink hue as they mature, further enhancing its appeal. Miscanthus gracillimus is perfect for adding texture, structure, and year-round beauty to borders, mass plantings, or as a focal point in the garden. Low-maintenance and drought-tolerant once established, this striking grass is a favourite among gardeners seeking to create serene and naturalistic landscapes.

✓ Low maintenance

✓ Sun lover

✓ Height x spread: 140cm x 70cm

✓ Deciduous grass