Gaura lindheimeri Gaudi Red 9cm/1.5L

A truly beautiful perennial which produces a mass of star shaped flowers on long slender stems. 

✓ Long flowering period

✓ Star shaped blooms which are displayed in loose panicles throughout summer and autumn 

✓ Star shaped pink flowers

✓ Height x spread: 60cm x 40cm

✓ Best planted in well drained soil

✓ Plant in Full Sun/Partial Shade

✓ Supplied in a 9cm or 1.5L Growers Pot

More information:

This plant is a herbaceous perennial. Herbaceous perennials die back below ground level each autumn, then fresh new growth will appear in the spring. Dark spots can  appear on the foliage of your Gaura at certain times in the year, please be assured that this is not a disease but a response to cold temperatures.   

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