Fragrant Cloud Hybrid Tea Rose

A brilliant Hybrid Tea Rose which produces large coral - red roses which really stand out against its dark green foliage. As the name suggests this rose is highly fragrant and we would recommend planting in a container next to a path or on the patio where its scent can be truly enjoyed.

✓ A repeat flowering Hybrid Tea Rose that is highly fragrant

✓ We recommend planting somewhere where its scent can be truly appreciated

✓ This Rose produces large coral - red blooms

✓ Grows to heights of 1m and spreads 50cm

✓ Makes for excellent cut flowers

✓ Supplied in a 4L growers pot. All of our Roses come with a large illustrative label and care instructions

✓ Best planted in Full Sun. In well drained, rich, fertile soil

More information
Supplied in a 4L growers pot

Please note that our Roses will not need pruning on arrival as this has already been done. Our roses are not sent out as ‘bare root’ (which is when the plants arrive without pots or compost). Our Roses will arrive planted in a growers pot with compost which has enough feed for 4 months. Although our roses are dispatched in a growers pot the Rose may not have rooted in the growers pot they are sent out in, this is because the roses are dormant from November - March and are not growing at this time of year and therefore will not have produced any new roots in the pot, meaning that when you remove the rose from the pot for planting the compost may fall away from the roots - please do not worry as this is normal. Alternatively if you decide you do not want to plant your roses yet, you can leave them in their pots until March when they will have become rooted. If you do keep them in the growers pots simply ensure you water them more frequently. 

Our Roses can be planted 365 days of the year, providing that the ground is not frozen or waterlogged at time of planting  

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