Euonymus japonica 'Himalaya' 9cm/2L/5L

An evergreen shrub with the new growth appearing cream/white makes a fantastic contrast against the glossy light green leaves. Can be grown/planted to form a dense hedge.  

✓ Evergreen

✓ Full Sun/Part Shade

 Hardy and resilient but may need some wind protection

✓ Slow growing - 10cm per year.

✓ Supplied in a 9cm or 2L growers pot

✓ Already at a height of 40cm

More information

Ideal for sun and shade and will grow in most normal well-drained soils.


Euonymus can be planted all year round as long as the ground isn't frozen, dig a hole twice the size of its roots and add fish blood and bone to enhance growth. A maximum potential height of 1.2m-1.5m.


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