Erysimum 'Erysistible Magenta' 9cm

A compact, semi evergreen perennial which lance shaped , dark green leaves and erect stems which hold pastel flowers through the Spring and Early Summer. 

✓ Semi evergreen

✓ Slightly fragrant blooms 

✓ Flowers are attractive to Butterflies and Bees

✓ Very low maintenance 

✓ Height and spread: 35cm x 30cm 

✓ Best planted in Full Sun/Partial Shade

✓ Grow in poor but well drained soil 

Supplied in a 9cm Growers Pot 

More information:

This perennial is semi-evergreen, this means that it may lose some or all of its leaves in the winter if it is in a particularly colder region or a more exposed garden. Fresh new growth will appear in the spring. Protect from severe and prolonged frosts.   

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