Patio Nectarine Tree - Prunus Persica nucipersica - Nectarine 1m

This wonderful Nectarine tree produces soft pink blossoms in the spring time followed by fruits at the end of Summer.  Growing your own fruit is not only environmentally friendly, but therapeutic and fun too! The Dwarf/Patio variety will only grow to around 5-6ft so they're perfect for balconies and patios, taking 10-15 years to achieve their maximum height.

✓ Pink blossom

✓ Fruits ripen in red/orange colour with a delicious, refreshing flesh

✓ Self fertile

✓ Juicy, fleshy fruits

✓ Will not grow to heights higher than 1.5 - 2m

✓ Ideal in a container

✓ Plant in Full Sun/Partial Sun

✓ Pot width: 18cm. Height including pot: 90-100cm approx    

More information:

Water and feed generously in the summer. If you're growing your fruit tree in a container then the soil recommended is John Innes No.2 and you must refresh this compost every 2-3 years. This tree is deciduous, it will lose its leaves in autumn before new growth appears in the spring.


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