Dwarf/Patio Plum Tree 'Reine Claude D'Oullins' 1M

This award winning plum tree - Reine Claude D'Oullins produces dark green plums which are packed with flavour! Growing your own fruit is not only environmentally friendly, but therapeutic and fun too! The Dwarf/Patio variety will only grow to around 5-6ft so they're perfect for balconies and patios, taking 10-15 years to achieve their maximum height.

✓ RHS Award of Garden Merit

✓ Attractive to Butterflies and Bees

✓ Sweet, late summer plums 

✓ You can eat them fresh off the tree or you can cook with them to make jams and jellies! 

✓ Semi self pollinating 

✓ Plant in Full Sun 

✓ Ideal for being grown in a container 

✓ Pot width: 18cm. Height including pot: 100-110cm 

More information:

Water and feed generously in the summer. If you're growing your fruit tree in a container then the soil recommended is John Innes No.2 and you must refresh this compost every 2-3 years. This tree is deciduous, it will lose its leaves in autumn before new growth appears in the spring.


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