Digitalis purpurea Excelsior Mixed 9cm

Digitalis purpurea 'Excelsior Mixed' renowned for its tall, stately spikes adorned with a mix of colourful, trumpet-shaped flowers. This beauty boasts a diverse range of hues, including shades of pink, purple, cream, and white, creating a captivating display in the garden. With its elegant presence and charming cottage garden appeal, 'Excelsior Mixed' adds vertical interest and a touch of old-world charm to borders, woodland gardens, and cottage-style landscapes. 

✓ Can grow to heights of 50-100cm  and spread 0.6m 

✓ Available in a range of pastel colours

✓ Nectar rich flowers which are attractive to Butterflies and Bees

✓ Ideal in Partial Shade

Images are for decorative purposes only and due to the time of year and the age/maturity of the plant your plant may not arrive looking like the photo.